Sex sells. Backwoods_Cigars look like they hired some good salespeople. Personally, I love the taste of a blunt (also known to non-smokers as weed rolled in cigar paper)….. but I love the sound of my heartbeat and breath more. I choose not to use nicotine infected weed; but I'm just trying to point out that the "research results" are also infected. Millions of people smoke the blessed ganja tainted with nicotine paper.

HERO-in & Professional Athletes

In July 2015, the Washington Post reported that Calvin Johnson claimed that “painkillers were handed out ‘like candy’ to NFL players”. Denver Broncos Nate Jackson (2003-2008) claims that marijuana is a better pain management option for professional athletes that opioids. Sports Illustrated posted a special in the summer of 2015 on how opiates lead to heroin addicts.

Anyone sitting at home after a long day at work or school probably thinks, “dumb jocks!”… judging that a large bank account “doing what you love” is the life all of us ‘poor folks’ dream of… whhyyyy on Earth would you risk it doing drugs??

Simple. They don’t want to have to stop playing the sport due to pain, injuries, and definitely not due to drug abuse. Try getting sacked by Green Bay Packer’s Clay Matthews over and over (we could only hope, I mean… imagine)…. and expect not to be in pain. Coaches send players to “the very best doctors”, to get the best treatment…. to return to practice. So, those doctors prescribe the candy. Players return to practice. Fans are happy. Pay day continues to arrive. Tramadol leads to 2 Vicodin, which leads to 4 Vicodin, which leads to Percocets and Dilauded (maybe a little exaggerated, but you get the picture). When doctors realize there is an issue and cannot write the script as often…. athletes need a pain management method and this soon leads to needing a ‘fix’. Athletes don’t wake up one day and decide to become heroin addicts…. it’s an ugly process that no one chooses.

Although, legalizing marijuana at the federal level won’t stop this completely, it can help decrease the statistics. Frequent marijuana use shows up on a drug screen far longer a pill or two. The NFL and NBA still prohibit marijuana use, but agree it’s okay to hand out candy (in a sense). This is an issue!


I'm almost finished with my Master's in Nursing Administration degree. One thing my entire program's foundation is based on research.


Limitations in a research study are any limitations of the study that might influence the results. I work for a major medical center in San Diego. Last week I read an article on our intranet at work about how marijuana is being linked to heart attack and stroke in people, mostly men, in there 30's. First of all, just like back in the day when Camel's smoked cigarettes, sex and swag sells. Genius brand experts at Backwoods Cigars post hot men and women posing as smoking their products, but more realistically implying to modern day pot heads like myself, that the "blunt wrap" is filled with that purple cush Drake and I love, not tobacco. Marijuana has legit health benefits, ask any doctor at Children's Hospital in Denver, Colorado. You see, my problem is that these research studies are not taking mention to the fact the reporting of smoking marijuana on the Emergency Department intake form isn't narrowing down how they used it. A friend of mine from Denver is so disgusted by cigarette use that he throws his friend's cartons in water whenever he finds them freely available, full or not; yet, he regularly buys and smokes 1-3 packs of Backwoods Cigars a day. Of course he empties the tobacco contents; but, I'm going to get nit-picky here. How many studies have mentioned the limitation that these wrappers contain a large amount of tobacco? How many of those research articles requested "how" those heart-attack survivors used the marijuana? When are cigar companies going to have to report and regulate the amount of residual nicotine left on the wrappers of their luxurious cigars that frequented by marijuana users?

Take a healthy, 35-year old, active male. Then, tell give him the pressures of normal life: bills, honey-to-do's, job deadlines, meetings, mortgages, diapers, and bachelor party Vegas trips. Now, have him smoking this organic flower that helps millions of people with chronic pain and decreases seizures in epileptic newborns, filled with a wrapper that housed that toxic stuff the Surgeon General warned you about. Now tell me what you you think could cause this man to have a stroke?

I'm just saying, give it up. We know that marijuana can be safe and healthy if regulated correctly. Alcohol can be deadly and there's not too many long-term health benefits, unless you ask a wino like my mother, but is still federally legal and regulated. Yet, people still drink and drive. Get it together, America. Stop fighting it's legalization and save your money for recruiting a better President.

the Feds

Marijuana is a hot topic conservatives love to hate on. As my first blog post, I have to share a little bit about myself. I’m a 30-year-old registered nurse that occasionally smokes the ganja. This blog is going to be dedicated to the demand that marijuana use should become legal at the federal level.

I live in San Diego, California and I carry my Medical Marijuana card just as I do my driver’s license. I’m proud to say I am a responsible user; never smoke before work, driving or babysitting.

So, here’s my plot: I’m picking a fight with the feds. Technically also with researchers and Citizen’s Against Legalizing Marijuana. I capitalized C.A.L.M. because it’s a legit organization. I’m bumping a civil rights movement.¬†Marijuana use should be federally legal and regulated.