Today I choose to do ✌🏽 positive things for my mental health.

I am a registered nurse at a large health clinic in San Diego, California. I help oversee a department with 20+ Primary Care Providers and the nurses and medical assistants that support them.

Patients are more unhealthy as ever, humans feel more entitled than ever, and technology has given humans the false belief that life is all about what I can get at this second.

Poor physical and mental health is an epidemic in this world. I had a patient scream at me for 5 minutes last week because he is too heavy and large to fit in an MRI machine, therefore he has to wait to get an operation on his back until they can find a bariatric MRI machine and get a prior authorization from his insurance to pay for it. He acted like it was all my fault.

Suicide is an epidemic. This “gun control” issue doesn’t stop poor mental health and humans from getting to such an unstable mental status.

Proactive Therapy is my theory that all humans, from the time they enter this world, should be encouraged to have self love, confidence, self help, and should be taught to frequently take steps to stay mentally and physically healthy.

Today, I chose to do two things to help my wellness. I woke up, put on my head phones & listened to Jhene Aiko’s new album “Trip” in front of a mirror and stretched, did some Yoga moves I’ve seen on IG, and let my thoughts clear.

Mind blown. I felt great after! I should do this daily.

Then, I spent some time watching movie trailers and headed to Angelika Film Center in Carmel Mountain – San Diego, Ca. I just bought 2 tickets for myself, one for Black Panther and one for A Wrinkle in Time.

Ending a long, stressful week filled with poor performing workers and overly entitled and dramatic patients shouldn’t be shadowed with drunk nights and random men. One day a weekend I want to spend alone, entertaining myself, and healing my soul.

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